The importance of life drawing skills (“Animator’s Survival Kit” – Richard Williams); not simply being good at drawing what’s in front of you but being able to suppress and exaggerate certain aspects in order to capture it’s essence rather than just it’s image. So I don’t need to worry, right?

So this was my second life drawing lesson and I feel a lot better about my drawings, I have noticeably improved too! Last time was very frustrating as one minute per pose was too short for me to draw anything substantial.

We were taught to start by drawing the life-line then by blocking in the ribcage and pelvis so I took this into account this week. Here’s some photos of my recent drawings: IMG_1030


IMG_1027We started by drawing each of the models in poses that they held for a minute each. In the second half we were to focus on the torso, neck and head. It was a lot better as we had five minutes to draw both the life models and only had to focus on their upper half. Mike showed us how to start; we drew a box for the shoulders, slightly pointed in the middle of the front and back facing sides, then drew a circle where the neck starts from, almost like a canoe.

Random skull…


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