Cinematography – Seamus McGarvey & Roger Deakins

So we did a presentation (our presentation slides) on two well known and highly talented cinematographers: Seamus McGarvey and Roger Deakins.

I was quite surprised to find out that Seamus McGarvey is from Northern Ireland. It’s quite encouraging that someone from here can go out there and get to work on big budget films with famous directors and just be generally awesome!


For this presentation I worked with Thomas Drake, Becca Blair and Rosie Mullen. We split up to ease the workload, with Thomas and Rosie taking Roger Deakins and Becca and myself looking at Seamus McGarvey.

I learnt a lot about both men and their styles but I have to say I prefer McGarvey’s style more totally not biased and not because he’s worked on Godzilla and The Avengers but because his style is quite direct (?) and makes it more striking (maybe this is because he studied graphic design and thus help develop his compositional style?).


Halfway through this task, we took a shot in the dark and Becca emailed McGarvey to ask him about his inspirations AND HE REPLIED, albeit quite late and after our presentation but still, contact!

He answered our questions saying that his most notable inspiration was Jack Cardiff.

Audrey Hepburn – By Jack Cardiff





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