This was an Obstacle – Week 7

The next project is to build an obstacle course for a bouncy ball. Alec showed us an example from the previous year that we could download and use as a template but we wanted to try it our own way.

The teams had to design the obstacle course together and put in the bouncy balls. We decided to create a triangular frame where the ball enters through a door, falls between two spinning blades, lands on a curved surface which shoots it up and hits the side. It then falls down onto a trampoline, bounces a couple of times, and launches itself across the triangle to land in a bucket!

Once I build the course and I’m happy with it, animating the ball should be quite fun! We’ve chosen to make it quite realistic but with a hint of personality as well.


I’m quite happy with the ball animation but not overly happy with the obstacle course layout, I think I could design it to look better visually.


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