HANDY Animating Tips – Week 8

I love this video so much!



The animation principles we needed to research for this week were follow through and overlapping action.

Follow through drag is described as the way parts of the subject continue to move as the subject itself has stopped moving. The amount of drag you give something can tell you about it’s mass. Overlapping action is when you start a second action before the first one is over.

Keith Lango has a website where he’s uploaded animation tutorials. I read his article called Pose to Pose Pop through Animation where I learned that when you have two key frames, Maya will fill in the frames between them. Stepped keys are when you switch this feature off and the animation will hold the first key frame until it reaches the second one where it will pop into the second pose. This is called blocking in your animation and is useful for working out the timings and key poses. After this Lango uses the combination technique. His blocked animation serves as the pose to pose part, then he uses the straight ahead method for in between his key poses bringing the fluidity and creativity that comes with this technique.

From Lango’s Youtube tutorials, he talks about how important poses are and that each key pose should be an illustration of sorts because it’s in the pose that we get the character’s appeal and emotion. Here’s his animation tutorial on over-lapping action:

These are my swinging arm animations:

My first attempt was a little stiff but a great tip was to offset your key frames to achieve a more life-like flow.

So my second attempt was much better:

I had a little trouble trying to animate the body moving to the right and the arm dragging behind it. The arm kept moving to the left too soon before the body starting moving. Once I watched Keith Lango’s tutorial, all was well!





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