Motion Graphics – Week 9

This week I’m back on the Crystal Egg World (which I’m happy enough with because I loved creating the characters for it in an earlier project) and my new team now consists of Caitlin Collins, Rebecca Thompson and Jack Creaner.

FullSizeRender (8)

Before we got assigned new projects, we started with a lecture on project management. Basically a project is anything more than two tasks and if you’re doing a task that consists of multiple steps – it too, is a project. Trollo was a recommended website I signed up to to help me organise tasks and so far it looks really good! I learnt that good project management can come down to planning out your time for each task, prioritising which tasks get tackled first and sorting out which team members are best suited to each task.

We’ve divided this project up into five areas:

  • Mood
  • Style
  • Music
  • Typography
  • Imagery

We’ve prioritised mood on top, style, then the last three weigh equally.

This isn’t my strongest area as I’ve never really played around with motion graphics before… So I Googled it.

Motion graphics are digital footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

The google turned out quite fruitful as it lead me to this video (relevant to 2:30, but the rest is pretty cool!):

It was the use of a quote that grabbed me at the start never mind the dramatic music, awesome CGI and epic typography and I liked the soft music over a slow moving close up shot. Jack had actually suggested earlier about coming up with a different alphabet.

Caitlin had looked at different types of font:

I totally have a thing for Sci-fi so much of my research might be genre biased… The animatic of this world showed it starting off as a crystal in space that explodes and forms the world. The camera starts off with an extreme long shot and zooms in after the explosion which just reminds me of every single space movie I’ve ever seen and love. So I found this and I really love the changing typography over the 1950’s space race imagery. Something like this would be cool and you could have different images of crystals, explosions, eggs, forests etc.

Rebecca mentioned Dexter and also brought up the idea of foreshadowing, the opening sequence goes through his morning routine but in an abrupt way:

Personally, my favourite opening sequence to a movie is Guardians of the Galaxy. The old 80’s hits occur throughout the whole movie but are introduced in the opening title in which the name of the movie fills the screen leaving a tiny space in a bottom corner for the leading actor to dance in.

We were given some starting points to research typography such as Jan Tschichold,  Kimberly Elam, Saul Bass and Kyle Cooper.

I found these posters which I love by Saul Bass:

Saul Bass

This gave me the idea of viewing moving images through a silhouette and then what about viewing the title through a crystal?

Rebecca showed us the credits of the game The Last of Us and we thought about crystals growing across the screen…

This is a doodle from my sketchbook:


The idea behind it is that the crystals emerge from the back and rotate slowly for a few seconds before growing into the letters of the title.

Another idea was to put the title over images. The only characters in this world now are the creature-like ones. I had an idea to make some fake “big foot” style footage of the creatures so you would only catch glimpses of them moving amongst the forest.

Jack had a great thought about making a map and filming it, like in Game of Thrones but with a creepy twist.

We also experimented with claymation…FullSizeRender 2

Although decided against the claymation…

Caitlin took some photos of a hand crushing an egg and throwing it in the air. I messed around with them and edited on iMovie and quite liked the outcome. This first one is quite happy and joyful (based loosely on Orange is The New Black) but once I played around with the colour and music, the mood does a compete U-turn and becomes creepy and sinister:


I found this gif by motion graphic designer Matthew Divito, whose work is really interesting, it’s visually the same idea of the giant crystal that makes up the base of the world:

Mr. Div’s Spinning Crystal

This inspired us to build 3D objects in Sculptriss. Rebecca made the deer, trees and Jowly creature, I made the world (based on the spinning crystal) and space and Jack sculpted the crystals.

Rebecca’s deer

Rebecca had actually managed to get the deer rigged and we were able to animate him walking into the shot which was pretty cool!


We imported them into Maya and were able to add basic colours and manipulate the camera to zoom into our world. Rebecca designed each shot layout and then I animated it. We then saved the playlists and edited them using iMovie, adding overlays.

Rebecca’s Jowly sculpt

Caitlin researched different typographers and designed the font for the title and names. However, we had some difficulty importing them into the movie so we had to use standard iMovie fonts instead.

Caitlin’s title

Caitlin also created a tune based on the soundtrack from the movie Drive, to play over our short sequence:

Jack made a tune as well which he based on the soundtrack from X-Men Origins. We loved both of them so Jack managed to merge them together to create a really creepy soundtrack to add over the sequence.

This was a quick experiment to see what we could do in maya (I found the camera easy enough to work with at the start):

We took inspiration from the opening to the Adventure Time cartoon as it spans across the world:

We had some difficulties when putting together this sequence. Firstly we didn’t want to render so we decided to use playblasts of the animations but these were of very low quality. Secondly the font for our names weren’t saved on transparent layers so they didn’t look right in our sequence. When animating the camera in Maya, I found this super awkward and the camera just didn’t like me so we had a lot of bloopers like this:

Jack worked hard on getting the title shot done and animated little stars in an egg shape to twinkle around the title all in photoshop and then added the final soundtrack…

So this is it:


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