Creative Elements – The Reflection

The lecturers are awesome. The students are awesome. This course is awesome. My work is getting awesome.

So that is the first half of my first year of university over. We covered a lot in this module, from character design to interaction design and considering that this module only spans twelve weeks it was a great introduction into the four year course. The topics covered gave you a real insight into the possible career paths that can stem from this course and makes them all seem a little bit more possible, which is really exciting!

The week to week layout of each project was a bit challenging. There was not enough time to thoroughly research each topic, especially for a slow worker like myself! Although, starting each week with a lecture that focused on a particular theme and ending with a presentation of our work, was a great way to round off each project. Before, if you had told me we would be presenting to about forty people every single week, I would have run for the hills! I am no Martin Luther King but I have gotten better at public speaking and my confidence has boomed. This is due to the super friendly and supportive environment that exists within this course.

All four of my lecturers are extremely helpful and greatly knowledgeable in their fields. They are eager to help and easy to talk to. Their annecdotes about their industry experiences are not only informative but inspiring! Throughout this module I had the luck of working with fellow students who are just as much, if not more passionate about and dedicated to the work as myself, which just made the whole experience even better. My year contains the most random assortment of people you will find anywhere but somehow it works and it works well. Everyone is extremely encouraging and it is my classmates who just make this course even more enjoyable.

The life drawing part of this module was an interesting experience. Being a slow and impatient artist, you would think this would not be an enjoyable class for me however, once you get past the 100% nudity it was really eye-opening (pun intended). You start to see the improvement in your drawing skills from the first day and I think that with more practice I might even finish my drawings one day! One day…

Since the start of this course I have found that all my work has drastically improved, thanks to the creative environment which I find myself in most Mondays to Fridays, most notably my actual animating and modelling abilities as well as my photoshop and editing skills. Even my photography has surprised me!

So it’s been fantastic so far. I have loved every moment of our first module and am looking forward to module two!



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