So that’s Design Discourse One over! It was a great introductory module for us amateur animators and I learnt a lot from the actual software to the fundamental principles of animation. The software we use (Autodesk, Maya) was very difficult at the start even my my prior knowledge and experience but with help from my lecturer Alec Parkin, online tutorials and everyone else on the course, it’s now much easier to work with and I feel way more confident using it.

The history of animation has not been my favourite part of this module but it has been fascinating and I’ve learnt a lot about the different types and styles of animation, as well as the origins of the art form.

This module has been really enjoyable – not only because there is noticeable improvement in my work but because it’s opened my eyes to more possible career paths (such as 3D modelling, animating, rigging etc.). Overall I have learnt that the actual animation itself is the most important part – fancy models or lifelike textures can enhance but will not compensate for a poorly animated subject! So I look forward to getting more practice at using the twelve principles in the next module and seeing more improvement in my work!


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