Parenting, Locators, Geometry – Week 1

So we learnt about locators and parenting. We spent the afternoon animating a bouncing ball yes another using locators instead of it’s geometry. Once animated, we parented the geometry to the locators and voilá we have another a bouncing ball!

The point of this was to show us that we usually don’t directly animate the geometry of a model. This is because we might want to go back and change it later on and thus we would have to re-animate the whole thing over again.

So here, have a incredibly resilient cupcake…

Ideally we don’t want any triangles in our 3D models as they won’t divide evenly when we want to increase the resolution and don’t deform nicely either. Nor do we want any N-gons (5 and more sided polygons), so quads are the way to go for a clean typology.

Conánn also taught us some general naming conventions such as “_geo” for any geometry and “_loc” for any locators.



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