Jonas the Lamp – Week 2

The Jonas lamp is a rigged model made by our lecturer, Conánn. This week we learnt how to animate him jumping.

So this is my first attempt. Getting the right amount of extension in the neck was quite tricky and I think I need to add more squash and stretch to the face. Also the foot in the landing isn’t great (I kind of need to match it to the ground so it doesn’t look like it’s sliding I could try an iceskating lamp…). I might play around with the timing also as the  launch is too slow and the landing recovery is too fast:


So this is Jonas after the attempt to right all wrongs:

I’ve made him drag his feet off the ground to add a bit more weight to him.

Note: Save Maya file as .mb. Save in scenes in project folder – don’t leave as naked file. Save imagery in project folder so textures remain on model.


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