Film Form – Week 6

YuanYuan gave us a lecture on film form today.

Film content is the subject of the film (what it’s about). Form is the means by which the content is expressed and/or experienced.
Openings can be fast and straight into the action or slow and build up. It sets the scene of the film. Normally, films start production of the movie at the point of the story after where the introduction is, then they go back to film the intro after they get the sense of the characters and form of the movie. This means the introduction of the movie sets the correct form and setting for the film.
Form and Expectations
A film creates expectations which is what holds our attention. We can create suspense by prolonging the next expectation; it involves a delay in fulfilling an established expectation. Parallel editing is the switching between two scenes.
Surprise is an result of an expectation that is revealed to be incorrect.
Form and Feelings
Emotions expressed in the film have a large impact on the film’s form.
Form and Meaning
Implicit, Explicit, Referential and Symptomatic meanings. A Symptomatic meaning is almost ideological and has a particular set of social values.
Fundamentals of Film Form
Light, Movement and Space and Time are the three fundamental principles of film form. Light can help enhance the depth, emotions and mood.

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