Floating City: Concepts – Week 5

After getting some of my initial ideas down on paper, I showed my team:

City “chunks” orbit around water/light nucleus
City platforms held up on top of magnetic pillars, connected by “waterways”

Rosie brought up magnetic rocks and we thought this was something we could definitely look into. She did lots of research into magnetic materials and electromagnets. She also looked into hydrophobic materials for water transfer based on the “water bridges” in my sketch.

However taking inspiration from our research our designs changed into the spherical shape for the floating city:

Sam drew up these concepts and we really loved them! It gave me the idea of having the rock part suspended in a volcano, the magnetic repulsion holding it in place science.

More of Sam’s designs:

Rosie’s concepts:

Jordan’s concepts:12079876_827449054034112_1640602046664009607_o.jpg

So we agreed to go with something like this design:

kaunas conceptfinal-2
My concept

It will be a sphere, “cracked” into 3 parts to represent the three areas of Kaunas, formed by the two rivers that join in the city, orbited by the rings and held up by the magnetic “pillar”.

The population of the city mostly the wealthy and powerful is suspended in cryogenic sleep in cryo-tubes. Concepts for the tubes:



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