Spooked: Animatic – Week 7

This was our test animatic that Méabh and I managed to put together in a day:

Overall our feedback mostly pointed out that there was too much going on with too many cuts for a 30 second animation. We may take out the scenes of the objects shaking and mainly focus on what’s going on with the mirror and the character’s reaction. It may be better to start it off with the character looking directly into the mirror. We’ll also need to research into how to effectively distinguish that it’s not a window but a mirror.

Jenny showed us this video for the 180 camera turn around (2:30) that we could use to transition from looking at the character to looking at the mirror:

Christian pointed out the cinematic term “crossing the line” and how it can easily cause confusion. A way around this is to have a buffer shot on the “line” showing both the subjects of the reverse shots.

Michael said it may cause confusion as we are basically having two of the same character. To distinguish between the characters we are going to use dramatically different lighting on each of them and also tint the mirror a certain colour.

So we went back to the drawing board. We decided to cut out a few of the camera techniques and start the animatic by having the character already looking into the mirror. Our rough storyboard:

Thomas then remade our animatic:

We got much better feedback but we still weren’t quite there. Mike helped us out a lot and drew us up some camera angles to play around with:

We gave it another go:

This stage of our project – creating the animatic – was the most challenging part and I so hated it. Although, I do understand the importance of them as they give us a sense for the timing of the animation and tests out the narrative.


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