Spooked: Style – Week 8

I found this video visually interesting:

The camera flares and focus was really beautiful and perfectly suited the dreamlike theme the clip aims for. Maybe we could use this for the mirror POV.

Another style:

The low poly style is really pretty but it might not be suitable for the mood we want to create.

John looked into Thrillers and found a list of the top 25.

He also did a shed load of research into gothic films for inspiration for our animation’s style.

John’s research post.

We considered Tim Burton’s gothic look (Méabh suggested maybe mashing it with film noir). I had suggested about having the furniture in the bedroom all warped and twisted. John also mentioned looking at Grimmauld Place from Harry Potter as the bedroom in it had a nice mix of gothic and modern furnishings:

This style is also dominant in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows:


“The director has a fondness for costumes with a 19th century Victorian flavour, even if the story is set in more modern times.”

Through John’s research we learned that Tim Burton crossed his gothic style with pastel colours which he manages to pull off extremely well in his films and has become his signature style:

Ryan Beatty had brought in his book “Frankenstein” with illustrations by Bernie Wrightson. His sketches are highly detailed and drawn using ink and are most known for depicting horror scenes.

Méabh coined the word Chiaroscuro which is the bold contrast between light and dark and is coincidentally the style of lighting used in german expressionism (which Burton’s style stems from)!

John also discovered that one of the signature Burton camera moves is the high-angled tracking shot that glides and weaves over the sets to show them off and achieve the maximum cinematic potential of the imagery. Examples of this technique can be seen in every single one of his films. A Hitchcock signature camera move is the unexpected, queasily close high-angle. The camera’s deviation from the straight-on view is unsettling and it accentuates the defector’s eye movements.

I’ve just recently watched J.J. Abrams’s latest film, 10 Cloverfield Lane which didn’t disappoint, and I picked up on his signature colour scheme of blue and orange throughout the film. 10 Cloverfield Lane was a Sci-fi Thriller that was so intense, I loved it. One technique that I picked up on was cutting on action to slightly offset angles focusing on the actress on the phone. This made it feel like she was on the phone for ages when in reality it was probably 10 seconds. This technique won’t fit into our animation as we have no need for it but it’s good to know.

So we have decided to go with Tim Burton’s gothic style with the muted colours. We will also be warping the furniture in the set. Our Pinterest inspiration board.



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