Spooked: Character Design – Week 8

I was really enchanted with this stop motion animation:

I love the characters in it as they’re both really cute but also kinda creepy! They were designed by Amanda Louise Spayd who has a whole collection of these Dust Bunnies

Along with the gormless look on their faces and big inhuman eyes, it’s the toy like look of them (the colours and shape) that adds that creepiness. This inspired the look for our character!

Some early experiments:

My team’s Pinterest Character Design board.

I used Pixar’s tips for character design. Méabh and Thomas had also come up with some design concepts:

Méabh’s concepts:

Thomas’ concepts:

Méabh used a skull for a face and it reminded me of the illustrations by Hannah Webb. She makes the faces of her characters reveal the skull shape and she shows the teeth like the Dust Bunnies.

We have decided to go with the Tim Burton style for our character so it fits into the setting.

Tim Burton loves stripes and swirls and it is very evident on his characters and environments:

I really like the stripes because they remind me of typical pyjamas and as our character in set in a bedroom, it would be relevant. 9715154_navy-stripe.jpg


Burton also uses has visible stitching:

Since our character is based on a doll we want visible stitches.

The most notable feature from Burton’s characters  are the eyes. They have huge eyes with dark rims.

Based on all that I drew up some concepts: CharacterConcept1











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