Spooked: Set Design – Week 8

So we created a Pinterest board together to get a feel of the type of furniture we wanted in the bedroom and the gothic style of it all together.

John created some 3D model concepts for the furniture in the bedroom. These are his lighting tests on the dressing table (we’ve decided the mirror is going to be that which sits on a table rather than standing or on a wall as it could be confused with a window):

While John and Méabh looked into furniture, Thomas and I looked at possible layouts for the bedroom.

Our other Pinterest board.

I was personally influenced by the bedroom in Hotel Transylvania: HOTEL-TRANSYLVANIA-chapter01-Still001.jpg

We feel the gothic tower really suits the Tim Burton style we’re aiming for. The initial concept sketch was an octagonal tower because why not:

Practicing perspective

Our room layout and feel is loosely based on this.



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