Rendering – Week 10

Google’s rendering software is called Zync.

CPU – central processing unit (the brains)

The Art of Rendering. A render farm is a room you can rent out to render your work and you pay for the time it takes.

  • Reflection/Scattering – How light interacts with the surface at a given point. (BRDF – bidirectional reflectance distribution function / incoming and outgoing light interaction)
  • Shading (shaders) – How material properties vary across the surface.
  • Global Illumination – The colour bleeding from one object onto another. (Use photon tracing in Maya)

Batch rendering – it’s all done together and saves time. It’s done in a sequence of images so if one frame goes wrong you can re-render it instead of doing the whole sequence.

IPR – click and drag and it’ll re-render quicker as you go.

If shadows are grainy you can blur them out. Alliasing is when there’s no gradiented edged to create the illusion of a smoother edge. To lighten an image render go to render settings and tick the first box in colour management.

look into matte painting and photo bashing. Look into NUKE.

matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set or location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that is nonexistent in real life or would be too impossible to visit.
A digital matte painter is part of a visual effects team that’s involved in post-production, as opposed to a traditional matte painter who was a member of a special effects crew, often creating matte paintings on set to be used as back-drops.

Colour space and sRGB

The Gamma curve is different on a Mac than on Windows. Keep a linear gamma curve in maya so there’s as much info in darks and lights as possible, therefor there’s a uniform amount of data in both. Can’t save linear to tiff, so use EXR.

JPEG is lossy as it compresses and loses data, Lossness formats don’t lose data (PNG, RAW and BMP).

When rendering:

  • sRGB Gamma
  • Turn on transfer to output.
  • Use tiff file format (EXR for linear gamma curve)
  • Renderable camera
  • HD 1080
  • Scene – 64 bit

Rendering trends in the VFX industry.


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