Head Model Finalised

So for my second attempt at modelling my head I followed these tutorials:

This time I used the photos that Jordan kindly took of me and I aligned them in photoshop. My set up:Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 22.25.53.png

Firstly, I modelled the left side of my head then duplicated it over and readjusted it to match the asymmetrical nature of my face. I modelled the ear using the head mesh instead of doing it separately and attaching it, to avoid the formation of any triangles and Ngons.

The eyeballs I modelled previously didn’t seem to fit my head properly so I just used deformed spheres as eyes.

The hardest part of this assignment was filling out the face. Matching the head to the front and side reference photos was easy enough but trying to recreate the appropriate volume for the cheeks, chin and forehead for the 3/4 view was quite tricky. It was here that the sculpting tools came in handy.

So this is my bald head model:


My topology after I used the quad drawing tool:

Once I got into this project I really enjoyed it and I’m planning on modelling a few famous heads as practice over the summer might even try texturing them.

Notes and References

Reference and inspiration Pinterest board.

Head anatomy tutorial from 3D Art&Design magazine:


Modelling toolkit:

Hold V to vertex snap, hold J to snap to rotate. 

For modelling more complex topologies, use reference images for the front and side view.

Patch modelling is building up a mesh in patches and then bridging between them.

Box modelling is when you start with a basic geometric shape and then add details to it using extrusions, edge loops etc.


You can re-do the topology by making the model live and using the quad-draw tool to draw over it.


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