MIT have online lessons on physical simulations. Pluralsight’s dynamics lessons.


Fantasia had experimental hand drawn dynamic effects. They took references from real life.


The first fluid effect that was used in film was featured in The Abyss (1989).TheAbyss3.gif

Prince Of Egypt (1998) expanded 2D and 3D computer generated imagery for the visual effects of animation.1998 Prince of Egypt Basket 1.jpg

MPC I want to work there is a film studio that specialises in VFX. Apply for an internship after 2nd year.

I see Maya!

When simulating dynamics in Maya, make sure to set playback speed to PLAY EVERY FRAME, which forces each frame to be calculated without skipping a frame to match the playback speed.

Experiment with the dynamic systems in Maya:

  • nParticles – dust, smoke, fire, wind and water. Fast and versatile and can interact with nCloth.
  • nCloth
  • nHair
  • Maya fluids – smoke and gases.
  • soft and rigid bodies – rigid bodies would be for a falling brick wall if you wanted the bricks to scatter etc.
  • Bullet
  • Bifrost – like realflow, good for large scale water effects.
  • Fur/Xgen –


Nucleus controls the stream of particles out of the emitter. Learn how to write expressions! ASK ALEC.

Always cache the simulation and save it before sending it into the project file.


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