Imaging and Data Visualisation: Reflection

This semester we had two projects that were part of the I&DV module: the floating city and the 3D self portrait. I’m happy with both outcomes but I know that I still have room for improvement. It’s been challenging but still enjoyable.

I’ve learned a lot more technical skills. I’ve been able to animate with a rig and now completely understand the importance of having a good rig learnt that the hard way. Although, rigging is my least favourite part of the pipeline, I did enjoy getting the chance to paint skin weights.  . .

For the floating city project I enjoyed the designing and modelling stages and am very proud of the outcome. I’ve learnt that the planning and research stage are both extremely important, maybe just as much as the actual production.

The head modelling project was great as it was a chance to work independently and now I have so much respect for any artist who can model a head – or an arm – or anything organic! I’ve gained a lot more knowledge of modelling and the available tools and methodologies, as well as the importance of reference photos matching reference photos. Improvement was evident as my first head model attempt took me a good few weeks but my second go, only a couple of days! I plan on taking this project a little further in my own time and experiment with texturing and maybe even rigging.

We also had an introduction into rendering and now I feel more confident setting up and using a render.

Managing my time correctly is an area I’ll have to work on if I want to see any major improvements in my work. Other than that I am very happy with how this module went! l l l l l l l l l


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