Emitter controls where the particles come from and the particle node determines the particle’s size, shape, colour etc.

Always rewind and play so not to skip over nucleus evaluation.

Min and Max distance controls how far and close there spawn from the emitter.


Emitting Particles from Objects

Particles use the object’s normals for direction.

Use a curve (with an emitter) to show the path of animation, can be used to create abstract art.

Affecting Particles with Fields

You can draw in a curve and it will emit particles from it’s vertices.

When adding a gravity force to the scene, if attenuation is at 0 then it affects every particle in every frame equally. Attenuation can defeat gravity. Adjust the magnitude by scale factor.

Particle Instancing

Allows us to replace particles with objects.

Select object then shift-select particle, go to particles> instance replacement.

Particle Tool

Add a turbulence to a Newtonian field for a swarm effect.


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