Research, Ideation and Planning

I’m working with Jakub Bojanowski, Becca Blair, Andrew Maclean and Ryan Beatty. We have to design and model an environment with a narrative.

Ways to create narrative within a scene include the lighting and music however since this is a modelling project we’ll have to focus solely on props. We are planning on doing a western saloon. Our camera will pan over our scene and at the end, after revealing an empty and destroyed bar our camera will stop over some Native American items such as arrows and a tomahawk embedded into the wall revealing that Native Americans had attacked the saloon.

Narrative Research

“Props are most commonly used in conveying the time and place the narrative is set. Props are often the only indicator of what decade, or cultural movement a story is set in.

It helps the story come alive and helps viewers activate their imagination more readily.” LINK

3D Environment Artists:

That last picture is a great example of a environment with a narrative. The tents show us that somebody is living here in this train station.

Pinterest board.

The quality is really low but you can see the style of the saloon/parlour from “Carry On Cowboy”:

I think a more downtrodden and rustic style is what we’re aiming for but we could take inspiration from the layout of the parlour and props such as the tables and bottles.

More like this clip from “Preacher” (VERY GRAPHIC, much gore. You were warned):

Becca brought up the bar scene from Rango, so we looked up the concept art:837bdc20992591.562fa395518f4.jpgThis is the look we are more or less going for. Also the Bar from Puss In Boots:tumblr_n3tqxrwtr21txl3eeo1_1280.jpg

This video was great to compare saloons and parlours from a few different westerns:

A lot of them include pianos, staircases leading to balconies, round tables, picture frames and gas lamps, display horns/antlers…

We also looked at West World, and a few classic westerns.

So we met up and decided what all we would need modelled and what we would like to model. Once we sorted that, we grouped items together and then prioritised what we wanted done first. Then we assigned groups based on our skill set and confidence.

Our assigned models:Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 14.16.13.png



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