Employability Introduction


Market yourself with a:

  • Showreel
  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Web site
  • Interview
  • Blog
  • Networking


  • 2-3 mins long
  • Best stuff first – quality over quantity
  • Keep it simple
  • Show that you are like the employers
  • Always have it on you, internet free

Modelling (include turntables and wireframe renders), animation (to and from idle) and breakdown reels

CV – Resume

  • Clear and relevant
  • Mission statement at start (name, what I want to be)
  • Contact info on EVERYTHING
  • Searchable text (no images, keywords and text – word document)
  • Latest at top with dates (most recent position: placement, student…). Brief description of what I did.

Cover Letter

  • Personalise to each company
  • Use a name, (Dear…) I love your work. I like doing this too
  • I would be a good fit for your company because…

Web Site

  • Showreel
  • About you, sell yourself to employers, what you’re like
  • Clear and relevant
  • Keep it professional
  • Show experience through it


  • Arrive early
  • Be confident
  • Bring hard copies! Prepare!
  • Bring sketchbooks, laptop, USB, EXPECT NO INTERNET
  • Don’t wear a suit/smart casual


  • Online and face-to-face
  • Toody Threedy, Games NI, NI Screen
  • Reel on phone


  • Don’t be an idiot, take direction well, make boss happy!
  • Keep networking, reel up to date and looking for other opportunities
  • Always learning, blog


Niall Carlin- Double Jump Studios

Motion graphics and video production.

  • Learn design theory, colour, typography, composition, animation…
  • Find someone who inspires you, to compare to, push through the ugly stuff.

This is Greg Towner’s showreel. He’s worked on all my favourite films such as Ironman and Star Trek as well as Team Fortress 2 which is my favourite Valve game of all time! Definitely one of my favourite animators (.O.)

  • Join a community, share your work and get critique.
  • Ask why not how.
  • Try the hard stuff so you learn.
  • DomeMaster Script for Maya turns camera into stereoscopic camera, renders in 360 format which you can upload to YouTube.

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