For this week’s Creative Enterprise class we had to research showreels and then pick three and explain why we like or don’t like them.

The CG Bros on YouTube is a great channel where they display shorts as well as artists’ showreels.

This Miguel Santana‘s 2016 compositing reel:

It’s a really good showreel with work from some well known films. However as a compositing reel I don’t feel like it has enough breakdowns in it (there’s only one which does show how good he is). The soundtrack is very interesting as a lot of other showreels go for more upbeat music – to try and get the viewer excited about what they’re watching – but Miguel goes for a slower more intimate track. I love the start of the reel as the title is quite subtle and the first thing we here is that famous quote from the new Star Wars film, however I don’t feel that he has put his best stuff first for the sake of that quote.

This is Greg Klein‘s character animation showreel:

It’s an example of great work showcased in a poor showreel. The first thing we see is the title and it doesn’t really grab your attention and I found it quite difficult to read. He also has a strange order to how he shows his work, with his best stuff in the middle. If he rearranged the order and used a clever soundtrack (which granted would be difficult because he has a mix of funny, dramatic and sad scenes) it would be more exciting and less disjointed to watch.

This is Lucas Godineau‘s generalist showreel:

I like this because he shows you what software he used and what aspects he did without taking up too much of the screen. He has breakdowns and turntables of models as well as whole sequences. It’s short but to the point, although the ending is a bit of an anticlimax to a good show reel and the soundtrack could be more engaging.


  • Don’t make it too loud in comparison to vocals.
  • Include close ups and turntables of models, right speed and camera and lighting should be fixed. Action poses can sell the model but has to be A or T pose for rigging.
  • UPLOAD IT ONTO VIMEO for no adverts
  • Make sure they show you can work in a team.
  • Readable font.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Contact details at start and end.
  • Best work first (grab their attention within 60 seconds).
  • Show the software you used.

Helpful links:

Build the perfect showreel,


Things to include:

  • Spooked
  • Walk cycles
  • body mechanic
  • Saloon and models
  • Composition
  • Robot
  • Jonas Jump

This was my first basic draft:


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