Laura Livingstone – Visual Effects Producer

We had a Skype call from Laura Livingstone a visual effects producer from HERE, who works for Industrial Light and Magic (*screams*). She’s worked on a few films that I love such as Iron Man 2, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Laura is a Senior Producer, someone who makes sure the artists have all the info they need.

  • How did you go about applying for work in the major studios? Were you ever put off by the amazing reputations? People can be generous, Don’t be afraid to reach out or rejection.
  • How do you balance your life? Still is a struggle, you need to organise yourself more.
  • What were the specific areas on VFX you have worked in? Animation department 
  • When you are animating, do you get to use the plates for any reference at all? How is the process done where you are told to animate? Producer supplies the info.
  • As an animator, what happens when they miss a deadline? People are pulled together and assigned tasks to fix the problem.
  • Do all artists need to be familiar with shotgun or just producers? Everybody should be used to it as it can send out notes and info bytes.

Technical advisor advises director the best way to arrive at outcome, or leaves it to the artist. Data wranglers protect the plates on set and relay info to vfx team.

Laura also runs the VFX DUBLIN festival.

CV Advice

Show industry awareness, which software the studios use – can this person use what we have?  What’s current in the scene, releases, plug-ins etc. Look at CineFX, magazines, blogs. Try to show that you can fit into that environment.

I love your work on… MAKE A CONNECTION. Don’t be afraid to reach out or rejection, for mentoring, tours, advice etc.


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