Module Reflection

I have thoroughly enjoyed this module and it has boosted my confidence in the animating and 3D modelling disciplines. Through both of the module’s assignments I have learnt to appreciate the study of references. Although I am still undecided in which area I will specialise in, it will most likely be either in modelling or animating.

I had a fantastic team for the 3D environment modelling assignment. The standard of modelling from my teammates constantly pushed me to up my game and produce work I am very proud of. I enjoyed the fact that we had to include a narrative within the environment as it was fun exploring the different ways in which we could portray emotion within our scene during the conceptual stage.

After a lot of trial and error with UV mapping, I can say that I can do it but I can’t say I enjoy it! However, it has taught me a different approach to modelling in order to accommodate it.

Before, I would have dismissed the importance of blocking out scenes for animation but after actually getting into a walk cycle and body mechanic, I now completely appreciate it. I have also learnt that I tend to over-do my animations; I’ll get it to a point where it looks good but then I’ll keep going in pursuit of perfection then I go overboard and end up messing it up. Now I know to save multiple versions of the file instead of just updating the same one.




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