Compositing Lectures

  • You can change light shapes.
  • Skin material shows the light through flesh.

Use Arnold render view. It gives a more realistic look at what your render will be like and it’s interactive as well.

Check out Arnold website.

For glass objects, lower the refraction sample. Find the IOR of crystal and download the latest preset for Arnold.

  • Ray depth – diffuse to 1
  • GI set it on to bounce light around.



How to render out different passes to compose a beauty pass with them in Nuke.

  1. Render Setup window
  2. Put objects in different layers/Name stuff correctly
  3. Look at passes through live render view
  4. Create an override for the matte opacity of the object in the alpha channel > create AOE pass

Look into

  • Shadows
  • Alphas
  • Reflections/refractions
  • Diffuses


Try switching A and B of the merge node when shit goes wrong. Use multiple merge nodes.

Cassie helped me with HDRI:

  • Lights > Skydome light > checker box > HDRI map (change format to first) > increase exposure
  • Arnold Render > environment > sky shader (transform in outliner),


Alec’s notes on render passes (AOVs):

  • AOVs (Render Passes):

  • How to take Render Passes in Maya 2017 using ARNOLD:
  • Create AOV overrides with Render Setup:

  • Shadow Catcher:

Using the skydome light (HDRI)

  • Free HDRI for rendering:

  • Creating your own HDRI:

How to Create Your Own HDR Environment Maps

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