The revealing shot of the bombs falling in the opening of League of Legends Jinx promo, is a really nice way to introduce the eight buccaneers:


Gianni pointed out the contrast of a still and shaky camera and how this can be used to show the power struggle between things in frame (2:00 onwards):

We could have a shaky camera on the bird as it flies (like the bomb intro in Jinx ^) and a still camera on the boat.

He also found this video on Michael Bay’s techniques:

At 5:27 there’s a beautiful shot of a bomb dropping. If we applied this to our bird it would be an interesting way to introduce the oil tanker.

One of the most important factor to consider is the composition – especially if we are going with the minimalistic look.

Here is a website on Split-Screen cinematography.

Jakub looked into the composition of our shots, with a sunset and of planes.


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