My concepts:underboatplanesshotunderboatplaneshot

The formation and number of the planes we show in this will have to be discussed. There were eight Buccaneers in total that bombed the tanker but I think showing a minimum would look nicer. We also don’t want to show any marine wildlife because it is supposed to be affected by this oil spill. The colour scheme was a good call from Jakub he did lots of research into what would suit our tone of the piece.



My concept:


This is for the shot where the bird enters the frame and lands in the water. I photo-bashed this piece and played around with the colours.



My concepts:

The position of the plane is going to effect the overall feeling of this shot so I did some different versions.



We had difficulty with the ending of our storyboards so we continued experimenting with end shots: EndShot.jpg


For the end shot we want to focus on the bird to show it’s alive. We also want to show the effects of the oil on it so it’ll be cleaning itself of even struggling to get up and move.





Instead of choosing a specific type of bird we opted to design a new one, inspired by iconic coastal birds such as a kittiwake, herring gull and an egret. Designs:


Jakub’s concepts:

Gianni’s favourite concepts:


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