Shot 12 – Viking Shot

So named after the inspiration for this shot:

This is when the bird is sinking in our animation – it’s our so-called “money shot”.

The silhouette I’m using for this is (more or less):Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 23.52.49.png


Shot 9

This is where the fish open the scene and the bird emerges from above although in this shot the bird misses the fish and they swim out of shot.


For the shape when he enters the water –

Under the water –

For the fish – (caustics are nice in this one)

So after animating the bird I moved onto the fish alas, I was finding it a little difficult to get them looking like fish so Gianni kindly swapped scenes with me and I got the debris shot where pieces from the ship are sinking towards the camera.

This is it so far:


Shot 10

When the bird emerges from the oily water and can’t take off.

(Relevant from 1:26):

My attempt:


Shot 1

This is the opening shot where the bird is gliding.


This is my favourite one so far:

I also got to animate the ending but it was the last thing on the list because it took us so long to decide on how to end it.



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