Run Alien, Run!

So for part of my solo project I animated an obstacle course for a bipedal Alien rig from Truong:

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.28.01.png

My research:


I added in a few obstacles such as a wall climb, pull up, leap and landing to spice it up!


I planned out the manoeuvres and actions I wanted by using edited reference footage:

After modelling the course I blocked out the contact poses. First spline pass (blocking stage):

I then went back into stepped mode and adjusted the timing. The next step was to perfect the hands and feet on contact poses. The pull up manoeuvre was the most difficult and I changed it a couple of times until I finally got something I liked.

At this point:

The launch and leap as well as the ending need to be adjusted. I applied the 12 principles of animation to ensure I was animating realistically and animated the head and tail along with this.

I found this article useful:

For animating the tail:

Nearly finished:

I posted the animation on Truong’s Facebook page and he was kind enough to share it around! The main feed back I got was to change the timing as it’s very even through out the piece. Adding some intense music might even help it flow better.

Final final animation:


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