High Jump

This was an animation for a 4th year team’s final project. I had to animate three separate rigs doing the exact same animation, a high jump. I was able to animate using one rig then transfer the keyframes onto the other two.

Emma gave me a LOT of reference of herself and her friend practicing and also a link to a web article that shows you through the process of a professional high jumper, which made animating the sequence so much easier.

So I had a lot of reference and I was able to block out the scene pretty easily and keep the rhythm of the run. Stupidly, I started with the jump (backwards) instead of the run cycle and the animation moved across the 3D space so I opted just to block out contacts then half way between them and so on, instead of the normal poses in a run cycle. There were also a few issues with the neck of the rig not being attached to the body but I was able to work around that.






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