The Competition and Application

BFX is the annual Bournemouth Visual Effects, Animation and Games competition and festival.

BFX is a student competition designed to give you direct exposure to cutting edge practices and showcase your skills to some of the best supervisors, producers and artists in the VFX and animation industry.

In January, I formed a five man team with fellow students Méabh Gilheany, Kristina Stankyte, Robert Caldwell and Rebecca Thompson. After working on our pitch application for four months (Pre-production: Storyboarding from our chosen script; conceptualising; creating an animatic; character and environment test modelling; rigging, lighting, Xgen and animation testing) we submitted our work and within a week were notified that we would be entering into the competition. The competition is seven weeks long over July and August and we will be staying on site to compete with the local and other non-local teams.

This is the competition brief. We were the only team to submit two pitch applications for each charity (of course to double our chances) and we got selected for our Re-Cycle pitch!

This is our Life of Layton Pitch Document

This is our Re-Cycle Pitch Document

Our Pitch Videos:

We were so relieved to qualify so all our hard work wasn’t for nothing!


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