Shotgun, Shaders & Shows

So into our second week at BFX we were set up to receive feedback on our work from the competition mentors. This was through Shotgun (which I was quite excited to use because I first heard of it being used by Image Engine on the production of Chappie) which we had to upload our work onto every Tuesday.

Robert and I had worked on the 3D Pre-vis and I edited it in After Effects. As our animation consisted of split screens and characters that moved crossed them, we had to think very carefully about the timing and also how on Earth we were going to render it.

For modelling, I drew up a list of the assets we needed and divided them up between us, taking into account the number, size, importance of each model, other duties and our own abilities:

19956605_1381791761870695_3052461090180195472_oEveryone seemed quite happy with their assets and got stuck in. While modelling, I was working on the LookDev, trying to get the right look on the main shader we were going to use. We were going for a rubber look like a mix between Bjorn from Colorbleed and this Scooby-Doo model:

Here are some of my shader tests (we were still debating whether we were going to have a painterly texture on them):

In the end we stuck with a simple VRay mtl shader with half glossiness and a dark reflection colour and soft subtle bump mapping on a few selected objects.

During the week we were invited to go and see the Bournemouth’s final year’s degree show. They had animated shorts, scene turntables, gameplay and shader developments. My favourites were the shorts Murphy’s Law and Sword West. It was really good to see the standard of the student work there and compare it to Ulster as well as seeing how other students approached their degree projects. I definitely would like to do a short animated piece with a nice strong narrative.20616080_1402053629844508_32001759_o.jpg



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