Meeting the Mentors

Most of the competition mentors came down today and provided feedback on what the teams had done so far.

Our animatic was in good standing although we needed to work on the voiceover and time the relevant shots to it. So we re-worked the script and got Robert to record himself so I could place it over our animatic in After Effects.

Rebecca and Robert were trying to rig bendy arms for our characters which was quite tricky. Tom Box from BlueZoo told them to send photos of their rigs to him, so he could have his rigging team have a look at them and provide feedback!

For our Look Dev he told Méabh and I to use a basic shader and more lights to replicate the Bjorn character look we were after and he drew out a simple layout that we could use.


Style-wise, since our characters are out of realistic proportions, our environments should match however ours were a little too realistic so he suggested exaggerating the size of a few objects within the scene, such as stressing the flower pot and tools and shrinking the wheelbarrow’s wheel.

The day before, Jerry Hilbert arrived at the studio and provided some advice to teams on their storyboards and animatics.

He suggested scrapping the sun intro as it didn’t really add anything to the piece. As well as rewording our script’s voice over. So we did and this is our latest animatic:


It was an awesome experience to get feedback face-to-face with current industry professionals on the work we are doing at the moment. We’re definitely taking onboard all the advice we received and thankfully it was all positive!


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