Tom from Blue Zoo was kind enough to give us his email so we could contact him about any lighting or shading issues we were having.

This is the garden scene I textured and lit (temporary sky filler):


Our monitors were all a bit off so I will have to use my mac in final editing for colour grading.

Our feedback was to darken the shadows, use a brighter and softer sun in the top left corner and paint darker edges of objects that touch the ground.

I finally got to start animating this week! I started by completing the cycle cycle… and when she gets on the bike. We decided to rely heavily on facial animations since our characters don’t speak and two of them don’t move very much.


Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 14.32.10.png
PluralSight Tutorial


  1. Start with the eyebrows! and mouth corners.
  2. An expression stemming from a thought rather than a feeling begins with the eyes, whilst stemming from a feeling starts with the lower face/mouth.

I got the team to act out the animatic for animation references… We did the best with what we had:


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